Challenges rules

What can be the Challenge

- clearly measurable Challenge, when is no doubt to find publicly and online the right answer

- maximum sum of 25 possible answers (initiator has to predefine and write down all the possible answers)

- one of the answer has to be winning (if the Challenge will not include the right answer, one of the options has to be for ex. „other option“)

What can not be the Challenge

- Challenges, where is not possible to clearly choose the winner

- more then 25 options can not be made

- Challenge question can not be specified to excessive details

- rasist, offensive, ridicule, violence, religious questions

- where the physical authority is needed beyond backoffice

- where the backoffice can not find the winner

- automaticly generated Challenge ( through robots)

- time less bounded Challenge

- Challenge that can be mistaken with other Challenge ex. not well specified region, the Challenge is about

- Challenge, which can not be set to any given category

- Challenge can not be longer then one year

- insider information can not be used

- option where splitwin can not be made