How it Works?

Melon pick is a platform for having fun and make money. Join and find ouy by yourself!

You think that was all?

There is much more for you! You can become a Melonfarmer and also create challenges


MelonPick is an unique platform for arranging and playing challenges among friends and people worldwide. You can play various challenges according to the challenge rules described in this website. For beeing able to play challenges and make fun, you can choose between two types of users: Melonpicker and MelonFarmer, casewise both.


As a MelonPicker you can join challenges, share them with friends across social networks and win money, if your answer is the right one. Once you join the challenge, amount of credits asigned to the challenge will be debited from your melonpick account. Upon challenge completion and upon stating the winner/winners of the challenge, the amount of credits corresponding with the win, will be credited to the winner´s melon account.


As a MelonFarmer you can create Challenges, promote them and make money out of every single Challenge created by you. You can promote your Challenges through your contacts, social networks accounts, advertisment,etc. for the purpose of involvining other people in the Challenge. According to the people joining the Challenge, you receive your pay. After the Challenge finishes and the winner of the Challenge is known, the sum of credits corresponding with the pay will be credited to your account.


Click to JOIN and register through the form on this website or through Facebook, Twitter or Google.


You can donate to the development of our website trough buying Melon Credit certificates in the e-shop. When buying the certificates, as a promotion of our website, you get free Melon credits and you are able to play the games (Challenges).

Join Challenge

Once you pick a Challenge, you can enter to join the Challenge. You set the right answer for you. Once joining the Challenge and accepting, the amount of credits the Challenge is set for, will be debited from your MelonPick account. Now you have joined the Challenge and you can see it in the section joined Challenges.

Create Challenge

Once a MelonFarmer is registered, he/she can create challenges trough the Challenge Wizzard. A MelonFarmer inputs the basic challenge question, then he adds a description, so back office can clearly undrestand the exact question. Then he/she chooses a type of question (Multi option, Number, Time span, Date time ). After that he/she chooses category from predefined categories and subcategory. If there is no subcategory for the question, he puts other. Then he/she chooses the challenge entry amount to be deposited by each MelonPicker in order to join the challenge. Then he/she inputs the ending time validity of the challenge. The last possible chance to join the challenge is the day before the event starts (counted in the time zone of the event). When the type of question is for predefined answers (who will win the race), MelonFarmer has to write down all the possible answers for the question and be sure that one of the answers is right.

MelonFarmer can choose among four types of question:

  1. (MULTI OPTION) - measurable question related to people and events– who, what (who will win the NBA league this year, who will make the most money this year, who will be the richest in the world by the end of this year), when the answer is name, team, etc. For ex: Who will win the World football championship this year? If this type of question is set, MelonFarmer has to put and fill every single possibility. One of the possibility has to be the right answer (the winner will be: Germany, Brasil, France, USA, Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Switzerland..... or anyone else). Any MelonPicker will be able to choose among predefined answers and one of the answer will be the right one (the winning one). MelonPicker will select one option from the drop down list. Maximum predefined answers to one challenge is 25.
  2. (NUMBER) - measurable question related to number – what, how much,... (how much money will earn the movie until the end of day 13.5.2017, NYT, How many golf balls you can put into the new VW Golf...), when the answer is: number. for ex.: How many people will be fans on MelonPick Facebook account at the end of the day 23.12.2016? MelonPicker will have to put the exact number.
  3. (TIME SPAN) - measurable question related to the time (what is the total time of the winner), when the answer is time. for ex.: What will be the best time for one lap of the best pilot of Red Bull Air Race on 13.5.2017 California race? MelonPicker will have to set the answer by himself to the predefined column with day, hour, minute, second, split second and the Winner of the Challenge will be the one, who is closest to the result of the event.
  4. (DATE TIME) - measurable question related to date (when will come the movie to the cinema), when the answer is certain date. For ex.: On what date will be the first launch of the new movie Fast and Furious 8? MelonPicker will have to pick the answer from the calendar to the predefined column with a certain date.

Make money

Any MelonFarmer by promoting his/her initiated Challenges improves the pot and his/her Pay out accorodingly. It is in his/her interest to share his/her Challenges to as many people as possible for the reason of highering the pot and making more money.

Challenge rules

MelonPick has certain rules describing, what can or cannot be considered as question (challenge question). The rules are written in the Challenge rules.


MelonPick offers, for promotion of the site, free joining challenges, where each melonpicker can win the pot without investing any credits and see, how melonpick works.

Do you have questions? Visit FAQ section!