What is MelonPick and how does it work?

MelonPick is unique platform for arranging challenges among people. You can play various challenges according to the challenge rules described in this website.

Who is MelonPicker and what can he do?

MelonPicker is an user, who joins (plays) challenges for the purpose of challenging, wining and making credits in the challenge.

Who is MelonFarmer and what can he do?

MelonFarmer is a type of user, who creates and initiates challenges for the purpose of challenging MelonPickers.

How can I become a MelonFarmer?

You can simply apply for MelonFarmer status in this website.

How long does it take to authorize a challenge?

It depends on the dificulty of the question, but most of the time it is within one day.

How can I recharge my credit account?

You can get credits by donating to our platform trough PayPal account or by credit/debit card transaction. You choose the option and you will be redirected to the payment provider.

What's the minimum and maximum number of answers in a challenge?

The minimum number of answers is 2, when you select from dropdown list, and 1 when you enter number or time. Maximum number is set to 25. You can not input more answers.

How can I share a challenge?

You can share the challenge by clicking the button share on the challenge details. Social media will apear and you can choose among them and click share

How long does it take to recieve credit after the challenge is ended?

MelonFarmer with the System will set the winner according to the right answer and to be credited it takes less then 48 hours after ended challenge unless some dispute apear.

How much is the salary for MelonFarmer?

Pay Out is set from 3-5% of every pot in the challenge created by MelonFarmer, according to the level of MelonFarmer

Is the credit secured?

Credit is secured by SSL protocol on the website.

How do I see my credit history?

You can see it in the section Dashboard – credit – account history

How do I see my challenge history?

You can see it in the section Dashboard, by clicking on your profile on the website's header.

How old has to be the user to use MelonPick?

Depends on the Region allowance. In most regions i tis between 18-21 years

Can I manage notifications?

You will see notifications on your profile image, but it is just to inform you about actions made on MelonPick.

Can I get notifications for a challenge before joining?

Yes, interesting challenges will apear in your notification window.

Can I choose categories which I'm interested in?

Yes you can do it in the section All challenges – left bar – choose the prefered categories. 

Can I cancel a challenge, when is created and approved?

When you create a challenge as a MelonFarmer, and the challenge is approved and publicly visible, you can not cancel it.

Do you have a mobile apps?

Mobile app is coming soon.

How can I invite a people to join a challenge I initiated?

You can share the challenge through many social media and invite friends through email or sent them links to the challenge.

Is there a specification what a challenge can be?

Yes, this is described in the challenge rules with the link on the footer.

Can I initiate a challenge for everything?

Challenge must be according to the challenge rules.

What do I do, if my account is locked?

Contact please our service department through the contact form.

Why and how is MelonPick different from others?

MelonPick is unique platform, which connects people wanting to challenge among themselves, not a bookmaker like others are.

What information is required to register as a MelonPicker?

You have to provide name, nickname, e-mail, password, Region or go through Google, Facebook or Twitter.

What information is required to register as a MelonFarmer?

Above basic info for MelonPicker you have to provide real address and real telephone number.  

How can I withdraw money from my account?

You can simply put a withdrawal request in the section dashboard – credit – manage credits – withdraw credits. You have to provide ID card to Melonpick because of the law against money laundering.

What are the rules for starting new challenge?

You have to be a MelonFarmer and follow the challenge rules.

I haven't found a category to put my challenge in, can I suggest one?

Yes, you can suggest one you think is the right one and backoffice will update it according to the most suitable option.

What is the cost for using MelonPick platform?

MelonPick fees are at min.12.5% for transaction and administrative fees, when donating platform and geting credits and 9% for administrative fees from the pot of challenges.

How can I get a better level as a MelonFarmer?

Level is counted by number of created challenges, and number of total credits spended by users on created challenges by you as a MelonFarmer.

How can I get a better level as a MelonPicker?

Level is counted by number of joined challenges, number of won challenges and total credits spended by you as a MelonPicker.

What is the minimum ammount to join a challenge?

Minimum ammount to play the real challenge is one Melon credit.

Can I use my account anonymously?

According to the rules of Regions and MelonPick, it is not allowed.

Which language can I use when creating a challenge?

Right now you can use only English, MelonPick is working on other languages and will bring them soon to you.

Where can I change my personal information?

You can do it in the section Edit profile.

How can I search challenges?

You can do it in the section All challenges – left bar – choose the prefered categories and submit.

My MelonFarmer/initiator part of profile seems to be deactivated, what happend?

You may did not go according to MelonPick rules or some error ocured. Please contact Melonpick trough the Contact form.

How does the Maximum amount to win feature works?

This feature is the maximum possible amount to win by one MelonPicker. Upon challenge termination, the sum of the pot – MelonPick administrative fees will be distributed and credited to the winners account/accounts. 

How can I start/initiate/create a new challenge?

You can create it in the section Create Challenge.

How can I join an existing challenge?

You can join the challenge in the details of the challenge, put your answer and submit.

Where can I see followed challenges?

You can see them in the Dashboard section – followed.

Where can I see past challenges?

You can see them in the All Challenges section, by clicking expired only on the left bar and submit.

What are the possible answer types in a challenge?

You can choose among three types of question:

1.st: measurable question related to people and events– who, what (who will win the race, who will be the president, who is the richiest in the world), when the answer is name, team, etc.

2.nd: measurable question related to number – what, how much (how much money will earn the movie, how many things you can put in the car...), when the answer is: number

3.rd: measurable question related to the time (what is the time of the winner), when the answer is: time

What can I do if my initiated challenge is not authorized?

Contact please our service department trough the contact form.

How can I attract more people to my challenge?

You can do it by promoting the challenge through different social media, e-mails, PR and other marketing features.

How it is with taxation of Melonfarmer and MelonPicker?

Each user has to pay his/her taxes according to the rules of the country they have tax domicile. MelonPick is not responsible for any tax conditions. Complete responsibility is on the users. 

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