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What is Melonpick and how does it work?

Melonpick is unique platform for arranging challenges among people. You can play various challenges according to the challenge rules described in this website.

How do I see my challenge history

You can see it in the section user - the man in the header

How old has to be the user to use Melonpick?

Depends on the Region allowance. In most regions i tis between 18-21 years

Can I manage notifications?

Yes You Do 

Can I get notifications for a challenge before joining?


Who is Melonpicker and what can he do?

Melonpicker is an user, who joins (plays) challenges for the purpose of challenging, wining and making credits in the challenge.

How long does it take to authorize a challenge?

It depends on the dificulty of the question, but most of the time it is within one day.

How can I recharge my credit account?

You can get credits by donating our platform trough paypal account or credit/debit card transaction. You choose the option and will be redirected to the provider.

What's the maximum number of answers in a challenge?

Maximum number is set to 25. You can not put more answers

How can I share a challenge?

You can share the challenge by clicking the button share on the challenge details. Social media will apear and you can choose among them and click share

How long does it take to recieve credit after the challenge is ended

Melonfarmer with the System will set the winner according to the right answer and to be credited it takes less then 48 hours after ended challenge unless some dispute apear.

How much is the salary for Melonfarmer?

Salary is set from 3-5% of every pot in the challenge created by Melonfarmer, according to the level of Melonfarmer

Is the credit secured?

Credit is secured by SSL protocol on the website

How do I see my credit history?

You can see it in the section Dashboard – credit – account history


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